getCustomVendorConsents command (GDPR TCF)

Sourcepoint has extended the functionality of the IAB's TCF API to offer your organization additional commands that can be used with the __tcfapi() function call. This provides a level of consistency and feature overlap between IAB TCF API and custom function integrations.

The getCustomVendorConsents command enables your organization to handle vendors that participate in the TCF API and custom vendors that do not participate in the TCF API.

getCustomVendorConsents command

The command returns a JSON object that contains information on IAB and custom vendors an end-user consents to, the legitimate interest and consent purposes mapped to a vendor. The format of the getCustomVendorConsents command is as follows:

Browser console command Code example
//Input into browser console to receive response
   __tcfapi('getCustomVendorConsents', 2, function(data, success) {console.log("getCustomVendorConsents response: ", data, " + ", success);});

getCustomVendorConsents reponse

The response is a JSON object that contains the consent data and this is divided into four parts - consentedPurposes, consentedVendors, grants, legIntPurposes. The format of these four sections are described next.

grants legInt

The consentedPurposes section lists the purposes that apply to the end-user. The consented purposes are listed as follows:

Parameter Description
_id Purpose ID
name Purpose name as defined in each vendor list

index: {_id: "purpose id", name: "purpose description"}

consentedPurposes: Array(10)
   0: {_id: "6011ea75c5d9c787531b3ecf", name: "Select basic ads"}
   1: {_id: "6011ea75c5d9c787531b3ed6", name: "Measure ad performance"}
   2: {_id: "6011ea75c5d9c787531b3ede", name: "Apply market research to generate audience insights"}
   3: {_id: "6011ea75c5d9c787531b3ee6", name: "Select personalised content"}
   4: {_id: "6011ea75c5d9c787531b3eed", name: "Create a personalised content profile"}
   5: {_id: "6011ea75c5d9c787531b3ef5", name: "Measure content performance"}
   6: {_id: "6011ea75c5d9c787531b3efd", name: "Select personalised ads"}
   7: {_id: "6011ea75c5d9c787531b3f05", name: "Create a personalised ads profile"}
   8: {_id: "6011ea75c5d9c787531b3f0e", name: "Store and/or access information on a device"}
   9: {_id: "6011ea75c5d9c787531b3f18", name: "Develop and improve products"}
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