Send adblock data to third-party platform

Sourcepoint's tag can send data on adblocked users to other third-party analytics platforms by listening to the following two events: 

Event Description
sp.blocking For adblocked pageviews
sp.not_blocking For non-adblocked pageviews

In the example functions below, you would add the appropriate calls to send data to your web analytics platform (e.g. Site Catalyst, Google Analytics, Web Trends) or data management platform (e.g. BlueKai, Krux, Lotame).

This will allow you to see valuable web analytics data like time on site, browser, OS, number of pages viewed, etc... on adblocked users integrated with the rest of your web analytics data.

  Note: There have been instances where the adblock community have blocked DMP and site analytics calls.

document.addEventListener('sp.blocking', function (e) {
    /*Add Web analytics call for ad-blocked users below*/

document.addEventListener('sp.not_blocking', function (e) {
   /*Add Web analytics call for non-ad-blocked users below*/
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