Admin Access or Domain access to property (property group) with feature access to vendor list management

In this article, we will cover how to fire Google Tag Manager (GTM) containers based on a user's consent.

 Use Case

Configure container rules so they do not fire for users in the E.U. and let Sourcepoint manage which containers fire for these site visitors.


Create a container in your Google Tag Manager account for Sourcepoint. Click here to learn more.

Create custom rules to manage tags in the Google Tag Manager according to your business rules. Click here to learn more about Google Tag Manager rules.

Add GTM containers to consent/reject actions

In this section, we will cover how to add the GTM container to a vendor or purpose on a GDPR TCF vendor list.

Navigate to your Sourcepoint account and click Vendor Management on the left-hand panel and select a regulatory framework from the menu. 


Navigate to a vendor list on the subsequent list and click Edit.


Click the vendor or purpose on your vendor list.


From the subsequent modal, select either Consent Actions or Reject Actions and navigate to the Google Tag Manager tab.


From the Google Tag Manager tab of the consent or reject action, enter the name of the container as defined in Google Tag Manager in the Value field.

Click Apply changes when finished.

  Note: Enter single quotes around the tag container name when inputting the name in the Value field. For example, if the tag container name is beMAG_consent then the name should be entered as 'beMAG_consent'.


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